Petit bout de moi…

I’m a massage therapist specialized Balinese massage techniques, drawing its inspiration in the ayurvedic and Chinese medicine. In 2013, I created the Balinese Massage institute, specialized in massages and ancient Bali rituals. Willing to learn other techniques and deepen my knowledge, I have chosen to partirtravel across the world during 6 months.I finally settled down on the Côte d’Azur between Sea and Mountains. Due to this trip and exchanges with various practitioners across the world. I created my own massage protocol. Coming from the sports’ world, my massage is the result of my knowledge of the body, the pains and the richness of ancient techniques of the world.


As a sportive training every day and suffering from a scoliosis since my very early age, I have encountered pain and injuries. These situations and sensations teach you a lot. They call you into question and bring you to a search for solutions. This was how was born a real interest, even a true quest and thirst for knowledge for everything that concerns well-being and health. I met massage in the state of mind of the search of a new tool. I’ve practiced different sport disciplines since I was 8 years old, and started competition in triathlon and running at 20. When you chose to invest yourself completely in a sports activity, you usually also chose a way of life. I have thus chosen to invest myself into self-development and to foster a healthy and balanced way of life. Thanks to massage, I discovered an environment of extraordinary wealth in its techniques and cultures. It’s a real ancient art.

I’ve met an Indonesian renowned for Balinese massage, Ruth Indiathi who taught me her techniques and protocols of ancient rites. Afterwards I met Kan, a Thai and then Etsuko, Japanese who both transmitted their knowledge, their art and massage techniques. Beyond the technical aspect, I’ve lived a real immersion into Asian culture and spirituality. This is how my journey started…


THE JOURNEY Bali • Australia • New Zealand • Hawaii • Costa Rica

During my solitary trip to Bali in august 2014 I’ve had a revelation… First, all the ideas I had about Bali were confirmed and secondly, after the trip an absolute confidence in life and an interior serenity settled inside of me; it was all of a sudden like having a 360° view… Google Earth effect guaranteed! You move from your “small word” to a real awareness of the vastness of the world, moments to be lived and people to meet. At the beginning of my 28th year I took the decision to offer myself this parenthesis. The itinerary was very spontaneous:
I wanted to go to Bali, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii and Costa Rica. I came back in April with images, moments, encounters and most of all a free spirit to create my projects. A journey is EXPLORING: explore your deepest self, the world, your emotions, the landscapes, your desires and most of all get out the comfort zone and fully appreciate what you have and where you come from. I have chosen to let grow my tree of life where my roots were sown: this beautiful country; France, this magnificent region, between Mountain and Sea; Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur”.

Ready to create

During this rich and intense journey I met wonderful people and I was nourished by various influences and inspirations. This is how was born my Massage protocol, the Massage for couples “Learn how to massage your partner” and the “Best of You Now” program.

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